Friday, April 1, 2011


Cheerios.  To some people it is just a breakfast cereal but  to me Cheerios are a symbol of motherhood.  This food is a mandatory pantry item.  My daughter has a bowl of Cheerios before eating whatever I am making for her brothers.  One of the first sounds I hear on Saturday morning is my 2 year-old daughter getting this cereal out of the pantry.  I wait a minute and a bowl and a box of round wonderfulness will appear at my side of the bed with a hungry kiddo attached to it.  Once that bowl is filled and on the dinner table I am guaranteed at least 10 extra minutes of laziness.
Ever stop and consider all the places you have found Cheerios in your house, purse, car, etc.?   Kids may not leave tacks like most wild animals but this kid "track" makes me smile.  I am eternally grateful to the wonderful person that came up with Cheerios!
 When the kids are small this magic finger food provides hours of concentration and entertainment.  I am enjoying the Cheerio stage of life.