Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cleaning Research Project

I am not a clean/neat freak.  I am one of those people who is house cleaning challenged. My three tornadoes don't "help" the whole clean house concept but I can't blame it all on them.  I did some research and bought some stuff for my cleaning research project.

For quite a while I have wanted to teach my 2 little men to clean on and around the toilet since most of that mess is theirs.  I just couldn't bring myself to hand them a bottle of bleach cleaner and a paper towel.  It can't be good to have bleach on their skin.  I didn't want to buy the "fancy" environmentally friendly cleaners.  Who can afford those?  I went online and began researching home-made recipes for household cleaners.  There are alot of recipes out there...  I am still experimenting with making a multi-purpose cleaner that I like.  The fun thing about making your own cleaner is it is cheap and you can decide what scent to use.  I tried a antibacterial bathroom cleaner recipe today on the sinks and my tub/shower.  It worked great and the best part is after I was done cleaning I didn't smell like bleach!  I smelled like peppermint... a great improvement.  This recipe can be found here (
I also bought a book

This book is kind of small but I has alot of good information and recipes.  I am going to have fun trying these.  The good news is to try a cleaner requires cleaning something. (Deep huh?) 
 Here is to a cleaner and better smelling home!

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