Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Joy of the Giver

My kids love to bring me things.  It ranges from wildflowers to a rock they thought looked neat.  As a mother of three I kind of got used to the "gifts".

We went to the ocean a couple of weeks ago.  At the campground there were blackberry bushes growing by the path to the beach.  My 7 year-old thought it was great to stop and pick the berries to give to his aunt. It was so cute to listen to him talk about how much my sister was going to like his gift.  (She does love blackberries.)   You could almost feel the joyful anticipation of handing her his special find.  He couldn't wait to give her this rare treat.  (In Montana we don't have wild blackberry patches everywhere.)    Part of me wanted to hurry along this detour on the way back to our campsite and the other part wanted to stand back and watch as he tried to get every ripe berry he could see.  The simple gift got me thinking....

How many times do I really stop my busy list-of-must-do's and savor the small flower being put in my hand? Someday they will grow-up and the wildflowers will stay in my yard.  Sometimes in life we just need to stop.. even for a moment and treasure these things in our hearts as mothers.

I also was convicted that I place too much on the cost of the gift.  Would I give a friend something of little or no monetary value just because they might like it?  I'm not saying I'm gonna start bringing you pretty rocks from my driveway... The joy in the giver is knowing the recipient well enough to know they will like it.  Can I send a friend a note just to say "Hi"?  Yes!  Does it have to come with a gift? Not necessarily.  Who wouldn't love to get a quick note from a friend?  Take the time.

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