Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Book Review

I have read to books lately that were excellent.  The first on is called Unshaken by Dan Woolley.  I usually don't read non-fiction.  I read to be entertained but I had to read this book.  Shortly after the earthquake in Haiti I saw a message on Facebook that there was this guy named Dan Woolley in Haiti that no one had heard from since the quake.  Prayer was asked for in reguard to his safety.  I didn't know him but joined with countless others in praying for Dan.  When I saw this book at Walmart I knew I needed to read it.  His story was amazing.  God is faithful in the most hopeless situations!

The second book is called Great Parents, Lousy Lovers  by Gary Smalley & Ted Cunningham.  This book has been both convicting and challenging.  It was easy to read but hard to see how much I need to change.  You know you are in "trouble" when the author quotes you word-for-word in the ways you talk to your kiddos.  The premise of this book is that we as parents need to make our households couple-centered instead of letting it be child-centered.  Investing time and energy in my marriage is hard sometimes when the kids demand both.  It is important to show them how important marriage is and where they fit in the beautiful picture God has designed a family to be.  I haven't finished this book yet because it takes time to absorb.  I just wanted to say how great this book is and can't wait to finish it!

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