Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Frugal Gardening

Spring is in full swing in Big Sky country.  Plants are flying out of the home improvement stores and Walmart.  It is really hard to to not  envy people that have carts full of plants and yard stuff.  I never really thought of myself as cheap until I started dragging my feet at the thought of spending $5 on a plant.  We are currently renting and it seems pointless to fix up someone else's yard.  I have started paying attention to the plants in my yard.  When we first moved here we mowed plants that looked like these:
They look like weeds right?  Well after paying a little better attention I discovered that they are day lilies and a peonies bush.   Something that I love about gardening is that plants are very portable.  Sounds a little funny?  If you plant something and it isn't happy in the current location you can always move it... if you don't kill it first.  I am trying to do gardening with minimal cost this year.  I have transplanted some of the day lilies and plan on doing more in the new few weeks with the lilies and some flower seeds. 

Sometimes there are wonderful things right under your nose if you pay attention :)

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