Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Silk Wreath

I love having wreaths on my front door year round.  I don't glue the flowers in the wreath so I can use the same wreath and just switch out the flowers.  It is much easier to store a small plastic bag of flowers in my closet than 3 wreaths.  I never buy silk flowers that are sold as individual stems.  It is much cheaper to buy silk flowers in bunches.  I bought these silk flowers after season for 80% off.

  Here is what you need:
1 grape vine wreath
1 bunch of silk flowers
1 pair of wire cutters
glue (if you choose to make this permanent)

The trick that I use to get the most out of a bunch of silk flowers can be summed up as use it all.  Most people cut the flowers off the top and throw the rest away.
What usable material do you see?  I see three separate pieces I can use in this project.  I can get one flower and two leaf pieces out of this stem.

After I make my flowers into a "bigger" pile of flowers I add the leaves to the wreath. 

 I think so many people get frustrated with flower arranging because they try to make everything perfectly symmetrical and even.  God doesn't make plants, flowers or trees that way so why should we?  I like my projects to look like they were just collected out of a garden... not taken from a Martha Stewart magazine.
Next you need to add the big/main/dominant flowers to your arrangement.

Starting to look better?  I leave the filler leaves and little dainty pieces until last.  These pieces kind of fill in the gaps and make it go from a Walmart looking wreath to something a little more.

Silk flowers are fun because they don't need water.  Making things with silk flowers is so simple and it really adds life to a room or a door...
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