Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Simple Sticker Book

We have a problem in this house with stickers. My kids love to get stickers and love to put them on clothes, books, furniture, car seats... everywhere.  I made my 2 year old her own "special" book to put all her stickers in.  We are currently potty training and the stickers are the rewards.  There are alot of stickers "floating" around this house.  These books are quick and simple.

Materials needed:
paper lunch bags
scrap book paper
1" book rings (I got these at Office Depot)
paper cutter or sciccors
hole punch

Cut the scrapbooking paper to be the same size as the paper bag.  Glue one piece of paper to front and one on the back.  ( pretty complex instructions huh?)  Once glue dries cut the paper bag in half.

Punch 2 holes in one end.  Make as many pages as you want.  Bind the pages together with the book rings.  Embelish/decorate (this is the fun part).  This project is simple and I love using pretty scrapbooking paper.

Hopefully our stickers will find their way to this book...

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