Monday, March 21, 2011

Paper Topiary

Spring is finally here!  I want to put flowers, birds nests and butterflies everywhere but the hubby might no go for that.  I had some paper roses laying around and a glue gun idea hit me and this is the finished product.

The canvas cost $2 and the rest is just stuff from my crafting stash.  It made me smile to be walking around in my back yard looking for just the "right" stick for my paper tree.  To see how to make the roses check out my Valentine's Heart post.  I took some curvy scrap booking scissors and cut out the flowers.  It gave the "petals" a little more texture.  The black "border" is just 3 pieces of ribbon.  For the butterfly I just found this pattern and cut it out of scrap booking paper.  Glue guns are the best therapy.  Enjoying spring!